Small businesses and entrepreneurs play a vital role in building a strong country & economy, one that can tackle any challenges it may face.

+ More than half of the working population in the United States either own or work for a small business.

+ Small businesses account for two out every three new jobs created every year.

The last year has been especially challenging for small businesses trying to navigate their way through the pandemic to further support their communities.

There are many factors that designate a small business, including size and revenue.

+ The SBA defines a “small business” as having less than 500 employees

+ However, 98% of small businesses have fewer than 20 employees

However, the spirit of a small business lies in the hearts of the employees, not the size of the business. Small businesses are run by owners who are determined to turn their dream into reality.

Small businesses represent the freedom to try and achieve your dreams each and every day. They recognize the risks and rewards that come with betting on themselves. Owners wake up every day ready to put in the work for themselves rather than someone else.

Most small businesses strive to make a meaningful impact in the area in which they live and operate. They have a profound impact on the lives’ of the employees, suppliers, and their community. They do not have a national impact; it is much more local, and thus more impactful on the lives of those involved.

Small Business Saturday, which takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, was created in 2010 to promote shopping at local stores rather than large chains. In 2011, the United States Senate unanimously approved a resolution to officially designate the first Saturday after Thanksgiving as “Small Business Saturday”.

This inspired organizations all over the United States to sign up as “Neighborhood Champions”. Neighborhood Champions work throughout the year to bring their communities together with special events and other activities.

+ The “Small Business Saturday Coalition” was formed in 2011 out of commerce chambers, trade groups, public officials, and more to continuously encourage consumers to shop at small businesses.

The best way to help support small businesses is by shopping locally. Stop in to say hi, and get to know the employees. Building relationships is what makes small businesses special. From bakeries to tailors, there is a small business in your area that is ready and willing to cater to your needs!