Wellness in the workplace is essential for any company to run smoothly and effectively.

A sense of healthiness and well-being can increase productivity and overall attitude within the office. If an employee does not have adequate resources to take care of themselves, how can they be expected to perform their job at the highest level?

Employee health and fitness month was created in 1989 by the National Association for Health & Fitness. The purpose of this month was to remind everyone that having a full-time job doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a regular exercise & wellness routine. Onsite health promotion activities are a great way to promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Employers and employees alike are encouraged to participate every year, whether or not they already have a wellness routine in place.

There are many reasons why Employee Health & Fitness month is important for both the employee and their employer.

+ Regular exercise makes your body better suited to fight serious illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, as well as preventing obesity.

+ It helps strengthen your body over time, making injuries and other disabilities less likely with age.

+ Staying active improves your mental health, which can result in better work performance

+ Exercise promotes brain cell growth as well as repair, which improves your memory, learning comprehension, and ability to concentrate.

There are many ways you can stay active to promote a healthier lifestyle, and the same methods may not work for everyone. Actions as simple as a 15 minute walk can be enough to improve your productivity and overall performance.

+ Get up and walk around during the work day – Take a conference call while standing, or while walking around the building. Every meeting that doesn’t require a webcam is an opportunity to exercise!

+ Exercise with coworkers – this will allow you to get to know your colleagues better, as well as provide you with a motivational support system at work!

+ Plan lunches with healthy options – instead of reaching for the chips and soda, having vegetables and foods high in protein will keep you well energized throughout the day.

Along with promoting a healthy physical lifestyle, a healthy mental lifestyle is just as important.

+ Put your phone away – if your job does not require use of your cell phone, put it away for extended periods of time. Scheduling phone breaks can reduce distractions and increase productivity.

+ Sleep! – It may seem simple, but a full and consistent sleep schedule will help you concentrate more effectively throughout the day. You’ll also feel less tired!

Employee health & fitness month provides a great opportunity to examine your wellness strategies at work!