The month of July is not only about Independence Day; it is recognized as Independent Retailer Month!

Consumers are encouraged to explore options within their local communities for their shopping needs. By shopping locally, consumers can help to build a more sustainable and self-serving community in which they live.

Independent Retailer Month was established in the United States in July of 2011 to highlight the importance of local vendors to our community, economy, and retail sector as a whole. It also encourages local officials to promote the campaign and their local shops, creating a more cohesive economic environment.

Independent Retailer Month Fun Figures! (via

  • Since 1990, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs. – Small business Association
  • A dollar spent at an independent retailer is usually spent six to fifteen times in the community before heading out of town. Just $1 can create $5 – $14 of value in the immediate area. – South Dakota Rural Enterprise Inc.  
  • Local retailers reinvest 130% more of their revenues than chain retailers and 676% more of their revenues than Amazon. – 2018 study by Civic Economics
  • Local business generates 70% more local economic activity per square foot than big box retailers. – Andersonville study of Retail Economics

As a consumer, Independent Retailer Month is an excellent opportunity for you to explore local businesses within your community. Independent retailers have worked tirelessly to not only establish their businesses within the community, but also to sustain operations over the challenging last year. Take a trip to a locally-owned shop and make an effort to try to get to know the employees. These employees might be your neighbors, and getting to know them can make your shopping experiences much more personable and enjoyable.

 If you are looking to open your own boutique or business, or are an independent retailer who needs information about available financing options, visit First Bank’s SBA Lending page! The SBA also offers other resources like training and educational materials for small business owners.