Returning to school is an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers in preparation for a new year!

It is time to stock up on supplies, finish summer reading, and brush up on school safety.

It is also a great time to highlight First Bank’s partnership with Everfi, and the impact it has on young students. Throughout the pandemic, Everfi’s focus has remained consistent: to provide educators, students, and communities with critical educational resources. These resources are accessible virtually anywhere and designed to be sponsored at no cost to the users. Bank is proud to support Everfi in their quest to offer reliable education solutions to schools across the country, as well as lighten the load on teachers and districts during an unprecedented time in education.

Through First Bank’s partnership with Everfi, we have been able to make the following impact across our communities:

  • Over 4,000 students impacted over the course of our partnership
  • Through the 2020-2021 school year, over 500 students across 10 schools accessed free supplemental learning resources
  • 900+ hours of learning lead to a knowledge gain of 120% among participating students
  • 90% of the schools that benefited are classified as Low-to Moderate-Income.  
  • First Bank’s student assessment scores increased by an average of 111% among elementary students
    • National assessment scores increased by an average of 41%
  • First Bank’s student assessment scores increased by an average of 60% among high school students
    • National assessment scores increased by an average of 46%
  • Between starting and finishing the course, about 14% of students have opened or plan to open at least one new account

During April’s Financial Literacy Month, Everfi partnered with First Bank and many other financial institutions to host the annual Financial Literacy Bee. It allowed us the opportunity to connect with our community about a critical topic during a trying time. This digital learning challenge allowed students to educate themselves about budgeting, employment, income, investing, and insurance.

  • This initiative reached over 26,000 students across the United States and Canada.
  • Almost 3,000 capstone essays regarding future savings goals were submitted by students

The goal of Everfi financial education programs is financial wellbeing for individuals and communities, regardless of their background or available resources. Ensuring that individuals understand basic financial concepts will allow them to make informed financial decisions in the future. It also allows them to confidently set goals and have the capability to reach those goals. It is First Bank’s hope that our partnership with Everfi continues to provide financial education to anyone who needs it!

To learn more about Everfi’s quest to provide financial literacy and create social impact, click here to visit their website.