Protecting your financial information is extremely important, especially in the rapidly growing virtual space of 2022. Everyone needs to have equal access to protection of their financial information. Unfortunately, elderly people are particularly vulnerable to crimes of all types: petty theft, burglary, con artists, etc. Not everyone has equal access to financial safety education, especially online, where many financial criminals have gone to commit their crimes anonymously. First Bank wants to help protect people from these crimes.

First Bank has recently joined with CRA Partners and their Senior Crimestoppers program to keep residents at Medford Care Center and Trinity House safe and secure. This program actively protects those who live and work in local senior care facilities.

The Senior Crimestoppers is comprised of a set of components that work in unison to create a zero-tolerance policy to crime in senior housing facilities. These components consist of cash rewards for anonymous information, personal lockboxes for residents, and additional training for all staff members and residents. Facilities that have participated in this program have seen crime reduced by 95%.

To learn more about Senior Crimestoppers and how the program aids in preventing elder abuse, visit their website: