A guest blog post by Lindsey Hendricksen, Marketing Intern at First Bank

National Intern Day is a day to celebrate and recognize the future leaders of the world, like me!

My name is Lindsey Hendricksen, and I am currently an Intern in the Marketing Department here at First Bank. National Intern Day was established in 2017 by WayUp to give employers a day to dedicate to their interns. The creation of this holiday has brought attention to some of the challenges and successes of interns, and it inspires the creation of more internship programs and the growth of existing ones.

In my experience I have learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes of being an intern. I set some goals for myself before starting which include learning as much as possible, gaining real world knowledge, and becoming a more professional and successful woman.

Here are three of the major lessons I have learned so far through my internship:

Critical thinking

Having skills to think critically and independently has taught me a lot more than if I gave up and asked someone to do the work for me. Encountering problems should not be looked at as a roadblock but a speed bump, and enabling myself to slow down and think through the problem has been key to my success so far.

Networking and Communication

I have made a ton of connections all throughout the bank even though I intern in the marketing department. I have learned what it is like to be a part of a team in a professional setting and how to best communicate with them. Connecting with people in my desired career path through this internship has given me mentors to turn to, reassurance in my desire to work in marketing and confidence for my future endeavors, because of the experience I gained while an intern at First Bank.


When starting anything new it is important to adapt to the new atmosphere. By prioritizing coworkers needs and adapting to their styles of work, you can provide the best work that suites your team’s needs and work together more efficiently. Being a teachable intern allows you to learn outside of the textbook like you once did in school and instead get real world experience.

Internships are an amazing opportunity to network and build your professional abilities. Go the extra mile and form relationships and prove yourself. There is so much to gain from immersing yourself into the amazing opportunities that being an intern gives you. I am very thankful for the amazing opportunity that First Bank has given me and I will keep the knowledge I gained with me for the rest of my life.

Are you a high school graduate/college student interested in an internship or an organization wishing to share details of the First Bank internship program with your members?  Email Human Resources at First Bank with your inquiries.