Employees are the backbone of any successful company, and their health and well-being is crucial to ensuring productivity. Providing employees with the resources they need to stay healthy and take care of themselves is essential. When employees can address their personal health needs, they are better equipped to handle their job responsibilities and perform at their best.

Employee Health and Fitness Month, created by the National Association for Health & Fitness in 1989, is an opportunity to highlight the importance of maintaining a regular exercise and wellness routine. Onsite health promotion activities are a great way to encourage employees to prioritize a healthier lifestyle. Both employers and employees are encouraged to participate every year, whether they already have a wellness routine in place or not.

There are numerous reasons why Employee Health & Fitness Month is beneficial for both employees and their employers, courtesy of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

  • Regular exercise helps the body fight serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, and can also prevent obesity.
  • Exercise also strengthens the body, reducing the likelihood of injuries and age-related disabilities.
    •  Additionally, being active can improve mental health, leading to better work performance.
  • Establishing an exercise routine also enhances brain cell growth and repair, improving memory, learning comprehension, and concentration.

There are many ways to stay active and fit, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as a 15-minute walk can significantly boost job performance and productivity. Consider the below for staying active during the day:

  • Try taking phone calls while walking around the building.
  •  Getting coworkers involved in your exercise methods can be a fun and motivational support system at work!
  •  Planning lunches with healthy options instead of reaching for chips and soda can also help keep you energized throughout the day.

Mental health is equally important, and taking steps to improve it can have a significant impact on job performance:

  • Limiting phone use while working can reduce distractions.
  • Getting enough sleep helps improve concentration and combat fatigue.
  • Feeling stressed? Take a break and make a cup of tea! Research has found that the process of making and drinking tea boosts mood and enhances creative problem-solving.

Employee Health & Fitness Month provides an excellent opportunity to review your wellness strategies at work. First Bank provides and promotes employee access to the Calm app, the #1 app for mental fitness. The app’s diverse content library offers resources to suit any schedule and need, including guided meditations, specialized music playlists, and expert-led classes. Click here to learn more about how Calm can benefit your mental health.